Nicols knows the importance of providing products which respond to the expectations and needs of clients and customers, but also to market trends. This is why Nicols focuses on innovation, and especially on in-house innovation capabilities to be first on market, agile and responsive.


Laboratories and tests

Nicols has its own research and development center which combines a team of professionals with an infrastructure consisting of laboratories and the "real environment" test areas or cabins which are specially fitted for analyzing product performance ( WC test .. .).

Our teams are also often present in the factories. They ensure the sound performance and manufacture of new products. 


Nicols carries out the manufacture of its products from research and development till delivery to the client using state of the art production processes, materials, equipment and teams all while respecting the global environment.


All of our products are designed according to a set of stringent specifications and procedures in order to meet the highest quality standards. Our factories, our equipment and industrial processes are certified. Nicols teams and employees receive the best training in product manufacturing.



Nicols has been retailers’ privileged partner for more than 70 years. Nicols is the leading manufacturer of household and cleaning goods for retailers through tailor-made products under their own brand. Nicols also offers a wide range of products under the Nicols name, synonym of quality and trust.


Moreoever, for more than 10 years now, Nicols has also become a key player in the corporate business, through manufacturing contracts or licensing agreements, thanks to its expertise and innovative spirit.

Several brand manufacturers do not hesitate to call on the expertise of Nicols for the co-development and production of their new products.

This expertise allows them to quickly launch their new products on the market.