Key points


• 7 multi client logistics centers in EU

• 5 customer consolidation centers

• 35.000 orders per year

• 180 million products per year

• 135.000 pallets shipped per year 

Nicols logistics counts 7 multi-client logistic centers out of which 2 are located right near the plants, 5 others are out-sourced to professional logistic service providers spread all over Europe. They are equipped with advanced technologies in order to fasten and secure deliveries to our customers. Nicols logistics is also managing 5 dedicated warehouses in Europe, in collaboration with 3 of its clients.


Nicols delivers over 180 million units per year and is shipping more than 135.000 pallets across Europe and in the rest of the world. Our centralized customer service centers are dealing with more than 35.000 orders on a yearly base. Nicols also has an office in China for traded products.