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Quality system 

The priority of Nicols policy results in studies and systematic controls at all stages of the product life cycle.

Our certifications


Our certifications guarantee a long-lasting quality to our partners. 

We regularly organize audits to make sure that these standards are maintained.


Quality system 

The priority of Nicols policy results in studies and systematic controls at all stages of the product life cycle.


With our suppliers:


Inspections are regularly carried out at our suppliers to ensure compliance with specifications.

During production:

Upon receipt of raw materials and throughout the manufacturing process, samples are collected and analyzed to ensure compliance with specifications.


With our clients:


Most of our clients collect samples in store and have them analyzed by an independent laboratory. This is facilitated by the presence on each consumer sales unit of a Nicols batch number which allows to trace the product.


Nicols Quality System:

Our mission is to develop a Quality/Hygiene/Safety/Environment culture on all aspects of our daily activities, while respecting and monitoring the international references in our company.

This base code is derived from International Labour Organization (ILO) core conventions and covers 9 key areas.


As a manufacturer of chemical products,  one of Nicols’ main priority is to ensure full compliance with European regulations and customer requirements.

Our dedicated Regulatory Affairs team works in close collaboration with all other departments to fulfill their missions:

-Regulatory Watch: Nicols pays special attention to new regulations and bills. As a member of the AISE (International Association for Soaps, Detergents and Maintenance Products) and some of their affiliates, we are informed of new legal requirements early in advance and take this into account in a pro-active way.


-Raw materials approval: Each new raw material (or alternative sourcing) is assessed and approved by the Regulatory Affairs team prior to its use in production to ensure conformity to their use on the market and customer requirements.


-Development support: Our Regulatory Affairs team is involved in each stage of product development in order to ensure full compliance with applicable regulations such as CLP (1272/2008 CE), REACH (1907/2006), BPR (528/2012), Aerosol directive (75/324 CE), or the Detergent regulation (648/2004).


-Label check: Our experts prepare and check the labelling of each product.


-Business support: The Regulatory Affairs team provides regulatory support to customers and prepare their technical specifications.


-Legal documents : As a producer of chemicals intended to be sold to consumers, we are able to manage all notifications to legal authorities before introducing the product on the market.